Satmotion Pocket VSAT commissioning

Global VSAT Forum provides the best interactive training worldwide allowing installers to study installation technics without the need to be in a given place in a given time. You can study Satmotion Pocket course anywhere, anytime for less than 75$.


Satmotion Pocket will streamline your deployment process and GVF514 will boost the initial installations getting an even faster ROI.

Why is it the Best?

GVF514: Global VSAT Forum Training for Satmotion Pocket


Global VSAT Forum and SatProf has developed a training course for Satmotion Pocket System for allowing the VSAT installers to get trained and qualified for minimizing the deployment time, effort and interference intra-satellite such as CrossPol and inter-satellite such as Adjacent Satellite Interference.
Key Benefits

Immediate ROI (Return on Investment).

Training Anywhere Anytime

Qualified & Certified Installers.

Easy to Follow.

Goes through every step of Satmotion Pocket App.

Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

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