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INTEGRASYS introduces BestPath, an infallible and efficient multiorbit link selector.

Updated: Mar 1

 INTEGRASYS launches BestPath a new tool that allows to select in operation or simulation of all possible connectivities and prioritize and switch for maximizing resiliency. INTEGRASYS launches BestPath for automating the path selection under acquisition or service disruption due to ENI, cyber power outage, or catastrophes as well as speeding the user enablement process and ensuring resiliency seamlessly. BestPath is a fast and easy-to-use disruptive technology, based on INTEGRASYS Enterprise Management & Control becoming an essential module for maximizing service in congested environments.

BestPath interface

BestPath in a more complex network multi-orbit, multivendor multiuse unmanageable by a user; brings Artificial Intelligence into the network and increases QoS, SLA and reduces time to resolution in network with multicriteria definition as best link in availability, service, latency, power, BW (bandwidth?) used and/or price. So, its link can be optimized for each particular user and traffic needs under any condition, any time and anywhere; with a single parabolic or a multi-antenna typeat (parabolic or flat) in a multi-orbit (GEO, MEO, LEO network configuration. It is built thinking on proliferated Low Earth Orbit environments and communications on the move.

While ships move from North to South, when arrive to congested ports, when required to use EW systems or have any equipment failure, the switch to a backup connectivity is crucial; therefore the rapid unnamed orchestration of a secondary best path to connectivity is critical and that is where the API can connect with the equipment of the ship and guide it while orchestrate with the FlexCap capacity management of the new link without human interaction.

When a consumer of satellite communication is looking at multi-provider options for a mission or set of user requirements, BestPath can easily select from the compared options the most optimal one based on the user criteria, and provide a very well-documented report (pdf, xtls) on the reasons behind the section in accordance with the success criteria; if many options are loaded all options will be shown and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.

This technology ensures maximum resiling under threats for the future battlefield of the current mobility networks, increase of availability and service performance while maximizing user satisfaction.

“At INTEGRASYS we are glad to listen to customer needs as they guide us to solve their complex problems in an easy-to-use manner”, said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO at INTEGRASYS.

Note: BestPath will be demo at Satellite Show at INTEGRASYS booth #1303.

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