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RadioFilter, WiFi Monitoring

RadioFilter is the ideal solution for fortifying critical networked assets against evolving WLAN threats.

Why is it the Best?

RadioFilter is a robust solution for safeguarding critical OT networks from WLAN radio threats. RadioFilter creates and enforces authorized WLAN device lists, actively detecting and reporting radio threats such as unauthorized connectivity and rogue node activity.


This stand-alone system requires minimal configuration, offering a low-cost, scalable defense for widespread deployment. With a focus on location-dependent threats, RadioFilter goes beyond conventional WLAN security, providing early warnings and augmenting protection against upper-layer system events. Additionally, it aids in managing BYOD risks, complementing tools like Mobile Device Management. 

Key Benefits

  • Cooperative multi-sensor passive and location-aware solution.

  • Best in class wifi monitoring.

  • User-friendly with configurable alarms interface.

  • Based on whitelist information.

  • By focusing on location-dependent physical and link-layer threats, RADIOFILTER aids in controlling risks associated with Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), complementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools.

  • RADIOFILTER can be extended to enforce policies into network devices, allowing for the alerting and fixing of potential misconfigurations.

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