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BestPath MultiOrbit Selector

INTEGRASYS BestPath is the ultimate Multi-orbit Selector for Precision LinkBudget and LEO/MEO Scenario Comparisons, Tailored to Your Unique Requirements

Why is it the Best?

Elevate Your Connectivity Choices with BestPath, the optimal multi-orbit selector.

Just as Beam Budget revolutionizes satellite simulation, BestPath empowers you to compare Link Budget and LEO/MEO scenarios effortlessly.

Accurately model spacecraft elements and ground equipment, assessing global performance across various time scales. Experience the most precise Link Budget for reliable network design, complete with automatic and graphical reports – simplifying the process for Sales Representatives and providing quick insights in under 1 minute.


BestPath is your key to simplifying and automating the network design, ensuring a better grasp for sales teams and customer understanding with its intuitive graphical reports.


For TDMA networks, where accurate link budgets are complex, trust BestPath to seamlessly combine coverage analysis and refine your connectivity strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability of users, networks, and constellations Customizable criteria, any antenna, beam, teleport, satellite, or mod-codes.

  • Web-based tools accessible anywhere, and anytime by the user or machine API.

  • Flexibility in the selection of the location and time.

  • Minimizes time and effort, maximizes ROI, as well as adding resiliency.

  • Multi-frequency and multi-link supported.

  • Ideal for mobility scenarios Most accurate RF calculation.

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