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Defense and Government

Ensuring that critical networks infrastructure operate efficiently, effectively, and securely even in hostile environments. Reliable technologies for network resiliency and cybersecurity

Electronic Warfare and Critical Operations Management

In the Defense and Government segment, where satellites are pivotal for military and government functions, the integration of advanced technologies is imperative, especially in the realm of Electronic Warfare (EW). Satellites serve critical roles in surveillance, reconnaissance, and communication for defense operations. In this context, technologies for interference management, monitoring, and cybersecurity become paramount, ensuring the effectiveness of military and government activities. Automated systems play a crucial role in swiftly adapting to the dynamic electromagnetic spectrum in Electronic Warfare scenarios.


These technologies not only facilitate the secure transmission of data between satellites and ground stations but also bolster control and monitoring capabilities for satellite operations. Moreover, advanced data management functionalities are essential for storing, processing, and analyzing data collected by satellite ground infrastructure in the context of both defense operations and Electronic Warfare endeavors.

Electronic Warfare Essentials and Custom Technologies

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Interference Management

Interference can cause signal degradation or complete loss of communication, protect your information and projects with our 4 tools.


Interference Cancellation

It is an in-line RFI canceller that cancels “unmanaged”  and “managed” interference sources. It provides RFI protection in the reception services operated in such satellite links. This system can effectively cancel a significant number of harmful interference sources on satellite-to-ground links for GEO, MEO, and LEO satellites, as well as 5G interference over the C-band.


Interference Identification and Mitigation

VECTORSAT excels in detecting, recording, and resolving potential interferences. Furthermore, it facilitates precise location identification through the Carrier ID standard. Its distinction lies in being the preeminent solution, characterized by unparalleled speed and reliability in Carrier Under Carrier Interference Detection and Signal Spectrum Monitoring. Driven by Controlsat CMS, It stands out for real-time interference detection and storage, making it a paramount asset in the context of formal targeting defense.


Interference Geolocation

The InterGeo system excels in identifying and locating signals that interfere with the carrier, discerning both intentional and unintentional disruptions caused by human error or hardware degradation. Specializing in detecting imminent attacks, it boasts high precision in conflict zones. Moreover, this advanced tool not only geolocates interference but also determines its source.


The AI, ML Object Characterizer

It's our new Earth Observation & object characterization tool that uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Image processing for Geospacial Intelligence (GEOINT) Situational Awareness in milliseconds from image download to object Charaterization.

It allows the characterization of objects in real-time for reducing the time and decision making in GEOINT applications by comparing images with 3D models, including but not limited to the latest eastern military platforms.

Customers that trust on us


Elevating Cybersecurity Defenses with Cutting-Edge Automation Technologies

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity and threat mitigation, our arsenal is fortified by advanced automation technologies, prioritizing preventive analysis to stay one step ahead of potential threats. From safeguarding GSM 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to vigilant WiFi monitoring, robust firmware protection, and the implementation of RF encryption and inhibitors, our automated systems work tirelessly to ensure your digital fortress remains impenetrable.

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