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Empowering Industry Leaders with Unparalleled Expertise and Innovation

Our customers represent the major players in the Satellite industry. 
Since 1990 INTEGRASYS has been serving our customers' needs and innovating to solve our customers´ challenges.

What do our customers think about us?

It was a pleasure working with INTEGRASYS on having this great solution in our network. We think that from now our goals will be achievable as expected and in record time. Among other achievements, we expect to: Continue to meet our SLAs, reduce remote activation time, conduct faster performance site measurements, reduce international calls (to satellite space segment providers) for support, and reduce OPEX significantly (due to fewer remote site visits). For us, working with Integrasys is expected to be a partnership rather than a client-supplier relationship. Working together proved to be a great experience

Agostinho Kusseiala
Satellite Deputy Team Leader

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By using Satmotion, it is possible to perform CPI test by our customer alone. Usually, CPI test is conducted through direct communication with operators by phone or chat. For customers who own many VSAT, CPI test is performed frequently. And if operators are busy, they may keep customers waiting. Therefore, by using Satmotion, the customer conducts CPI test themselves, which allows the customer to test at any time they want and reduces our operator's workload.

Tomoaki Fujihara
Network Operations Division
SKY Perfect JSAT

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Selecting the correct satellite network allows us to deliver the best connectivity to our customers. Previously, calculating the link budget has been a time-consuming process that has only been performed by designated specialist professionals. Beam Budget provides our sales team with quick and easy access to highly accurate results, even when on-site. This allows us to deliver an efficient and comprehensive service to our customers.

Richard Hadsall
VP of Global Network Operations

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