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Our customer represents the major players in the Satellite industry. 

Since 1990 Integrasys has been serving our customer needs and innovating for solving our customer´s challenges.


“The Latin American market remains a hotbed for VSAT growth with demand for high-speed services accelerating across all markets. Axesat is in a prime position to capitalize on this opportunity and Satmotion helps provide the flexibility and rapid response necessary to expand capacity within its portfolio,” says Rob Kilroy, Regional Vice President Americas, iDirect.

“Integrating the Satmotion Pocket system in our JUPITER product portfolio allowed our customer to meet the aggressive installation goals mandated as part of this project,” said Kartik Seshadri, Senior Product Director at Hughes.


"Implementing a complex network in such a challenging environment as the middle of the Amazon Forest presents unique engineering issues, such as atmospheric attenuation. The use of iDirect’s Remote Commissioning Solution, Satmotion Pocket, help us overcome such challenges in order to streamline installation, while the capabilities of the iDirect Evolution platform will help us continually improve the efficiency of the network going forward,” says Adriano Chagas, Director of Engineering, Via Direta Telecom.


“From the remote end, Satmotion Pocket brings a key advantage as the installer is able to perform the crosspol check without communicating with the NOC, which drives on an important time saving for the installers and operators. Also Satmotion Pocket follows the rules of the satellite operators to pass the crosspol check,” said Ulises Quintana, Pegaso Field Manager.

“In general terms, I note a very intelligent Satmotion solution, and I believe that it is a success due to the levels of cost savings achieved,” said Leonardo Tovar, Pegaso Director of Operations.

"At Axesat, using iDirect's Satmotion, we deploy new sites quickly and with less chance of maintenance visits, which ultimately helps us grow faster and most cost-effectively to meet the demands of the market," says Gerardo Gálvez, R&D Director of Axesat México.

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