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Assembling Spacecraft

Our Work

Here you can find the latest projects in which the INTEGRASYS team is working on, as well as, the ones that were recently finished. In INTEGRASYS we are always innovating and working towards a greater future.


The main objective of the project is to develop a product addressing the Virtual Teleport concept (henceforth VirSat).

The new product will consist of a cloud-based global system architecture implementing virtualization technologies for satellite teleport operations and services.

cubesat 2u.jpg



The main objective is to foster technological development and innovation in the space sector and solidify the Andalusian ecosystem to carry out all the phases required in a satellite project. Analyze, design, manufacture, launch and operate the CubeSat "Alpha3", whose mission has technological, scientific and educational purposes, covering several areas, including the analysis and study of the magnetic field in Earth orbit.


PARAVASIS is a project that investigates new disruptive technologies to improve the design and development process of complex industrial systems. These technologies facilitate customization, parameterization and flexibility in the face of changes in this design process, thanks to the use of AI.




The main objective of RFSHIELD project is to increase the availability and performance of COMSATCOM/MILSATCOM services for military users by developing a European-made solution to protect the Satellite communications services from intentional and non-intentional interferences, made by other systems or man-made.



The scope of Naucrates is to design and manufacture the technological demonstrator of a satellite intended for optical intelligence of Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) resident objects. GEO allows a satellite to remain in orbit over a single point of the earth's surface.

The project NAUCRATES aims at designing and demonstrating a microsatellite as an in orbit optical sensor with the capability to approach other objects in GEO till 10km to take centimetre resolution images.



In the SPACE4GREEN led by Integrasys, we focus on enabling trusted time and position provided by Galileo and Copernicus services into blockchain technology for industries that need traceability of goods/services/persons as well as the digitalization of their processes.

This project will add a new mechanism to ensure that the authenticated position has been delivered without any possible modification



Integrasys is performing specialized research and development services in advanced 5G and 6G technologies within the AROMA3D project for reliable B5G/6G communications in 3D networks (file CTTC-2022-20033).
Research and analysis of potential technology bottlenecks in ground segments and control plane spaces for 6G.





MOBISAT is Ground Segment software that aims to enable the first fully automated commissioning SOTM/SOTP Satcom antennas, which will be a unique selling point for their customers.

We address mobility scenarios where the Satcom antennas need to continuously track the satellites. It applies to multiple domains: Maritime (Cruises, Freight, Fishing...), Rail, Humanitarian mission, Agriculture, First Responders, Health and Education, Oil & Gas or Defence.



The CLEANRF product consists of a signal processing equipment placed in the reception chain of a satellite RF link that allows the detection, separation and cancellation of RFI sources affecting the service signal to be processed by the receiver or transceiver operating on such a link.





RESISTO platform is an innovative solution for Communication CIs holistic situation awareness and enhanced resilience (aligned with ECSO objectives).

RESISTO implements an innovative Decision Support System to protect communication infrastructures from combined cyber-physical threats exploiting the Software Defined Security model on a suite of state of the art cyber/physical security components and services for detection and reaction in presence of attacks or natural disasters.



In this technological and market context, where there is an urgent need for tools to geolocate interfering signals on satellite services, INTEGRASYS is developing the INTERGEO project, in which industrial research will be carried out to develop a proof of concept of a new tool for geolocation of interfering signals on satellites, covering the deficiencies of the detection systems currently on the market.




Radio Telescopes

Integrasys technology to drastically simplify the installing and commissioning VSAT-based satellite services, ensuring the required technical quality and reducing the cost of VSAT deployment.


Easy-to-use technology which opens the door to accurate self-customer installation by simplifying the installation process through intuitive tools and allowing the VSAT installer to self-check critical parameters in real time



The AQUAS project addresses the ever increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society, which includes facing the convergence of the embedded world and the open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulty with providing assurance for factors including safety, security and performance - particularly for safety critical systems such as the transportation, aerospace and the industrial control domains.





Today competitors are already involved in the development of sensor systems for applications in the emerging “Internet of Things”. But there is a significant gap between those forces and the capabilities to bring ideas into the high volume market fast enough.

IoSense will close this gap by providing three modular flexible pilot lines being seamless integrated in the IoT value crating networks and ready to manufacture each kind of sensor system prototypes.



The objective of the EMC² project (Embedded multi-core systems for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments) is to foster these changes through an innovative and sustainable service-oriented architecture approach for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments.





The ICARUS COM provisioning team lead by INTEGRASYS —with contributions from RMA and QUOBIS— has designed, implemented and tested in real-life conditions an integrated multi-radio tactical network able to fulfil the new demands of cooperating high-tech search and rescue teams acting in incident spots. The ICARUS network offers interoperable and reliable communications with particular consideration of cooperative unmanned air, sea and land vehicles.



This project,  made in collaboration with CEIT, addressed the study of sn-board wireless sensor network for preventive maintenance applications, self-powered temperature, strain and vibrations sensors and data fusion techniques for health status determination

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