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R&D Projects

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Solutions Through Collaborative R&D Excellence

Discover INTEGRASYS's Commitment to Innovation and Research & Development

At INTEGRASYS, we are dedicated to consistently enhancing the quality of our products through ongoing internal research and development (R&D) activities. Our commitment to innovation is a key driver, essential for staying competitive in the dynamic telecom and aerospace markets.

Moreover, we actively engage in both international and national R&D programs, collaborating with leading telecom operators and industries. For over two decades, INTEGRASYS has been a vital participant in the Framework Programmes of the European Commission, specifically in the field of Information Society Technologies/Information and Communication Technologies. Since 2004, our involvement has extended to European Space Agency projects within the ARTES TELECOM program.

Discover INTEGRASYS Projects: Where Innovation Takes Flight!

Curious about the groundbreaking projects that define INTEGRASYS's commitment to innovation? Redirect your attention to our Projects section, where we showcase our active and past involvements in cutting-edge initiatives within the realms of telecom and aerospace. Dive into the world of technological advancements and discover the impactful projects that underscore our dedication to pushing boundaries. 

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