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Carrier Monitoring and Signal Spectrum Monitoring software
Satmotion Pocket
Beam Budget Link Budget calculation tool
Best Carrier Under Carrier software on the market

CLEAN RF is the most resilient interference cancellation system which allows terrestrial interference detection, and elimination. It cancels intentional and unintentional interferences.

INTERGEO is an accurate Interference detection, geolocation, and identification system. This system detects intentional interference and imminent attacks. It provides the interference source, with high precision, especially in conflict areas.

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SATMOTION API is the most accurate Zero Touch Commissioning System, specially developed for SatCom On the Move Antennas. It is totally automatic because it does not require any human interaction.

VSAT network calibration system

Alusat is the Best VSAT network calibration system for automating the Maintenance of the remotes without the need of an installer at the remote location. Geolocate ID interferer terminal and location. 

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Satmotion SNG allows automating the LineUps

Calsat allows the fastest and most accurate RF calibration procedure, able to provide calibration data with +/-0,2 dB accuracy in just two seconds. 

RF calibration

Veryfiling is a user-friendly calculation software aligned with ITU stardards, for Satellite Operators and Regulators, to get instant results.

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