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This project contributes to the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) program. The main objective of Brahms is to define a universal user access interface for Broadband Satellite Multimedia Services which is open to different satellite system implementations, including GEO and LEO constellations.


The concept is dubbed the Broadband Multimedia Satellite System (BMSS) and aims to address a range of multimedia user groups with data rate requirements up to 150Mbps. This BMSS approach is seen as a vehicle for convergence between fixed and mobile multimedia networks towards the Global Multimedia Mobility (GMM) architecture, by merging service functions derived from the UMTS/IMT 2000 and from fixed broadband access. The use of IP-based satellite transmission will be considered as a solution to convergence towards seamless broadband service provission.


BRAHMS is an initiative of a consortium consisting of Alcatel Space Industries, Integrasys S.A., CSELT, Mitsubishi ITE, SINTEF, France Telecom, Portugal Telecom Inovaçao, and the University of Rome.



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