Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

Calsat EIRP Calibration System for Satellite RF Monitoring

Calsat  EIRP allows a much quicker and reliable EIRP Calibration fully automated, with an extreme accuracy of +/- 0,2 dB for Ku and C band and new in Integrasys Calsat Calibration SystemKa band as success result of KA-METROCAL.

Why is it the Best?

Calsat is a broadband noise calibration system which minimizes the CAPEX investment on calibration equipment and the calibration time. Calsat allows the Carrier Monitoring System to calibrate and compensate in just two seconds a full path. Calsat calibrates fully automated without the need of a human interaction.

Key Benefits

Easy Operation

Fastest Calibration System on the market

Remote Operation 24/7

Cost-effective solution

+/-0,2 dB Accuracy



Non-intrusive on monitoring operations

Ideal for Controlsat

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