Satellite Carrier Monitoring Systems

Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System


Integrasys best Carrier Monitoring provides quick and reliable telecom operations, allowing saving OPEX while ensures the quality of service and guarantees interference-free service to the user.

Why is it the Best?

Controlsat is the Fastest Carrier and most reliable Spectrum Monitoring System on the market; Controlsat allows you to manage and operate efficiently your NOCs worldwide in real-time, providing a remarkable easy-to-use interface for saving OPEX. Controlsat allows a fully automated monitoring for multiple satellites and beams remotely from the main NOC.

Key Benefits

Easy Operation for the user.

Fastest Spectrum Monitoring on the market, 200 Carriers per Second, 10 times faster than any other CMS.

Remote Operation 24/7 with support team involved.

Cost-effective HTS solutions for monitoring Gateways and User Beams.

RF Interference Detection

Carrier ID Detection and Decoding


Customizable event and report Alarms.

Record and Post Measure scenarios.

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