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CONTROLSAT Carrier Monitoring System

INTEGRASYS best Carrier Monitoring provides quick and reliable telecom operations, allowing saving OPEX while ensuring the quality of service and guaranteeing interference-free service to the user.

Why is it the Best?

CONTROLSAT is the Fastest Carrier and most reliable Spectrum Monitoring System on the market; Controlsat allows you to manage and operate your NOCs worldwide in real-time, providing a remarkable easy-to-use interface for saving OPEX. Controlsat allows fully automated monitoring for multiple satellites and beams remotely from the main NOC.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Operation for the user.

  • Fastest Spectrum Monitoring on the market, 200 Carriers per Second, 10 times faster than any other CMS.

  • Remote Operation 24/7 with support team involved.

  • Cost-effective HTS solutions for monitoring Gateways and User Beams.

  • RF Interference Detection

  • Carrier ID Detection and Decoding

  • Scalable

  • Customizable event and report Alarms.

  • Record and Post Measure scenarios.

Video Description

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