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CleanRF Interference Cancellation System 

CleanRF is the most resilient interference cancellator which allows terrestrial interference detection and elimination efficiently. Developed for LEO, MEO and GEO constellations. 

Why is it the Best?

CleanRF is an in-line RFI canceller that cancels “unmanaged” and “managed” interference sources. It provides RFI protection in the reception services operated in such satellite links. 

This system does not require any modification of the RF equipment existing on the site to be protected and will just add a stand-alone box, not requiring any additional system to operate.

Key Benefits

  • Easiest and most accurate interference canceller.

  • RF interference detection, and instant removal

  • Best-in-class link protection

  • Fully automated solution and parameter adjustment for different scenarios.

  • Ideal for protecting Government critical communication

  • High-quality support and training

  • Automated operation scanning, multi-carrier scenarios

  • Licensable as firmware software, integrable in third-party hardware.

Video Description

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