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DEWI is an ARTEMIS European project within the specific area Embedded Systems in Smart Environmentsand it is formed by a total of 58 companies including Integrasys of 11 different countries. The purpose of the project is to develop key solutions for a safe and reliable wireless connectivity between different systems of different infrastructures of the smart cities including transport infrastructures within aeronautic, automotive and rail domains.

One of main objectives of the project is to define an interoperable architecture of systems based on the concept "bubble" that allows the communication exchange of the different wireless sensor networks in an easy and fast way due to the implementation of concepts as self-configuration and self-organization.

The main role of Integrasys in the project is to lead the interoperability work package of the Rail domain to design the interoperable communication architecture defining common aspects with the rest of domains of the project. Also, Integrasys participates in the Rail domain as a Wireless Sensor Network developer providing a geo-localization network based on Multi-GNSS sensors for the Freight Monitoring use case of the rail domain.

EMC2 is a Project cofunded by the European Commision and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR). 
EMC2 es un proyecto cofinanciado por la Comisión Europea y el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo (MINETUR). 
Número de Expediente: ART-010000-2014-3


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