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EO Master

INTEGRASYS Earth Observation & object characterization tool. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Image processing for Geospacial Intelligence (GEOINT) Situational Awareness in milliseconds from image download to object Charaterization.

Why is it the Best?

EO Master allows characterizing objects in real time for reducing the time and decision making in GEOINT applications by comparing images with 3D models, including but not limited to the latest eastern military platforms.

EO Master is the first to cover optical and SAR image processing and target characterization used by government users without deep analysis knowledge to determine and compare real versus fake as well as traffic and population patterns.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable workflows for specific analysis tasks.

  • User-friendly tool for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Comprehensive documentation and user support.

  • Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data.

  • Multiple users and version control for analysis projects.

  • Powerful tool for asset monitoring and tracking, environmental monitoring, land management, disaster response, and various other green applications.

  • Generation of change maps and easy image comparison.

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