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FLEXCAP Flexible Capacity Management

FLEXIBLE CAPACITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ideal for VHTS, HTS, GEO, MEO & LEO Satellite Operators, Service Providers and Goverment Agencies. 

Why is it the Best?

FLEXCAP, manages the pool of capacity dynamically by allocating a different kind of users and agreements. This system optimizes the Mbits/s in the capacity leases as well as uses the spectrum within the available frequencies. It is integrated with Link Budget, Network Sizing, and Spectrum Monitoring via API. 
Also, FLEXCAP has a faster booking up/down of services, easy to configure by none experts on satellite capacity.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor their contracted and used capacity as well as making proper modifications or extensions of capacity.

  • Obtain accurate mappings of capacity resources and connectivity requirements (mhZ VS Mbits).

  • “Capacity Pooling” functionality, aims to satisfy future capacity management needs.

  • Enables to define the total easing capacity utilization from past, current, and potential customers.

  • Better capacity planning and more flexible booking.

  • Define total network connectivity services provided to customers and related service contracts.

Video Description

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