The FUTURE project aims at adopting recent advances in the Internet arena in UMTS by exploring applicability of native internet protocols (in accordance with IETF multimedia data and control architecture) in 3G. Special emphasis is given to core network consolidation towards a general purpose multi service UMTS connectivity network, legacy GSM/UMTS voice service migration to the consolidated packet based UMTS core network domain, and the introduction of a wide range of optimised multimedia communication and information services, based on SIP and Web/WAP techniques.


The integration of telephony services with information services is regarded as base for end-user service multiplication and will be combined with inherent capabilities of S-UMTS satellites like wide area coverage, broadcasting, and location determination.


The partners in this project are Telespazio, Integrasys, Siemens Austria, Ericsson Hellas, Space Engineering, Ascom, European Bussiness Associates, University of L'Aquila, and the University of Aachen.