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FWSEC Firmware Security 

INTEGRASYS’ FWSEC solution is used for the firmware protection of connected sensors operating in Critical Infrastructures. Ideal for MoDs and major Telco Providers.

Why is it the Best?

FWSEC, the pinnacle of sensor security, is a state-of-the-art solution meticulously engineered to detect, thwart, and report potential threats that compromise the integrity of sensors and network infrastructure.

FWSEC operates as a comprehensive defense mechanism. Beyond its vigilant detection capabilities, FWSEC offers a secure and configurable lifecycle management system, enabling seamless updates, cryptographic key protection, and sensor offloading. With multi-layered security protocols, user-defined checkpoints, and an automatic return-to-safe-state feature.

FWSEC redefines sensor security with a commitment to excellence. Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, this cutting-edge solution provides unparalleled protection by not only detecting and preventing malicious tampering attempts but also ensuring swift recovery to a safe state. Its innovative approach, backed by a secure firmware management server, TPM module, and private blockchain, offers a robust defense against potential cybersecurity threats.

Key Benefits

  • Resilient protection of the devices against unauthorized changes.

  • Easy integration with other cybersecurity products. 

  • The sensor firmware includes a firmware management agent which is implemented in cooperation when needed with a counterpart

  • Configurable checkpoints

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in safeguarding data centers and remote assets for major European Telco Providers.

  • Flexible and innovative security solution for evolving technological landscapes.

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