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After the earthquakes in L'Aquila, Haiti, and Japan, the European Commission confirmed that there exists a large discrepancy between (robotic) technology which is developed in the laboratory and the use of such technology on the terrain for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations and crisis management.


Thus, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry decided to fund ICARUS, a Research project (global budget: 17.5M€) which aims to develop robotic tools which can assist “human” crisis intervention teams.












The introduction of unmanned Search and Rescue devices can offer a valuable tool to save human lives and speed up the SAR process. ICARUS concentrates on the development of unmanned SAR technologies for detecting, locating, and rescuing humans.


There is vast literature on research efforts towards the development of unmanned Search and Rescue tools. However, this research effort stands in contrast to the practical reality in the field, where unmanned search and rescue tools have great difficulty finding their way to the end-users.


The ICARUS project addresses these issues, aiming to bridge the gap between the Research community and end-users, by developing a toolbox of integrated components for unmanned Search and Rescue.

Integrasys is responsible to develop a communications simulation software that allows the operators to simulate and design the required scenario before the deployment.


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