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VECTORSAT Carrier Under Carrier

Interference Detection

INTEGRASYS Vectorsat Carrier Under Carrier Interference Detection System allows for detecting, recording and solving any possible Interferences. Moreover, allows locating with Carrier ID standard.

Why is it the Best?

Vectorsat is the Fastest and most reliable Carrier Under Carrier Interference Detection and Signal Spectrum Monitoring on the market, powered by Controlsat CMS; Vectorsat allows to monitoring of the spectrum fully automated, ensuring the highest quality of service and OPEX savings while detecting all possible interferences in real time and storing them.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Operation

  • Fast and reliable interference detection

  • I/Q Demodulation and Constellation Display.

  • Fastest Signal Monitoring System on the market, up to 200 Carriers per second.

  • Remote Operation 24/7

  • Carrier ID Detection and Decoding

  • Scalable

  • Alarms

  • Record and Post-measure

Video Description

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