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InterGeo Interference Geolocation System

InterGeo allows Interference Detection, Geolocation, and Identification. It is an ideal system for Satellite Operators & Governments

Why is it the Best?

InterGeo system identifies & locates the signal that is interfering with your carrier.

The system geolocates intentional interference, and also unintentional interference caused by human error or HW degradation. INTERGEO has high precision in conflict areas because it is specialized in detecting imminent attacks.

Also, this tool allows recording processes in real-time with continuous buffering for faster operation, and time to resolution.

Key Benefits

  • Set your parameters & and manage QoS automatically

  • Multiuser and multitasking tool

  • Intuitive reports automatically by the system

  • High precision  in conflict areas

  • Ability to save your favorite set-ups for rapid retrieval 

  • Schedule operations and set alarms 

  • Geolocates intentional & unintentional interferences

  • Worldwide coverage 

Video Description

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