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ITU/FCC filing software

Veryfiling is a user-friendly EPFD calculation software aligned with ITU/FCC standards, for Satellite Operators and Regulators to get instant results. 

Why is it the Best?

Veryfiling is an EPFD calculation system that allows satellite operators to test their constellations and adapt them to the ITU/FCC regulations before requesting for approval.

With Veryfiling, customers are certain to obtain a pass result with less skilled users, obtaining high accuracy calculations with optimized processing times and complete reports.

Key Benefits

  • Speeds up the filing process and automates the EPFD compliance evaluation.

  • Web-based and multi-user tool

  • Fast and easy to use disruptive technology

  • For LEO/MEO constellations

  • Instant pass or fail result

  • Follows ITU-RS. 1503-3 standards, making sure no satellite exceeds the interference limit allowed.

  • Calculates and reports Up, Down and Inter-satellite interferences.

  • Eliminates the necessity of temporary expert staff.

  • Complete 100+ pages PDF customizable report with detailed calculations to file ITU, FCC or other regulatory bodies.

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