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INTEGRASYS LEO NMS is the unique Network Management System for monitoring any provider network in a single screen. It allows consistent management of multi-vendors with a unique interface.

Why is it the Best?

INTEGRASYS LEO NMS is a Starlink Network Management system to streamline the operation of our customers with Starlink cross sales.
This new tool allows control and management of NGSOs, including but not limited to Starlink with centralized redundant cloud infrastructure to accommodate the automation and AI portal to ease and operate a well-managed network providing uptime/downtime, speeds, QoS, SLA (Service Level Agreement) metrics per dish or terminal. 

LEON NMS is a web-based and multi-user tool to facilitate the orchestration, management, and maintenance of LEO, MEO and GEO constellations to operate seamlessly and calculate and report network metrics integration with FlexCap and INTEGRASYS Enterprise Management & Control to close the loop with HTS, VHTS or other multi-orbit networks for maximizing customers visibility of their Mbits play activity deactivating or invoicing new and existing customers. 

NMS 02.png

Key Benefits

  • Significant OPEX reduction & Rapid ROI.

  • Simplifies entire maintenance process & reduces need to management or multivendor proprietary platform or individual dish.

  • Improve Availability & Resiliency automatically.

  • Cloud enable with levels of classified information or on

  • Enables network operators to have full control as VNO
    in multi-orbit network.

  • Automates management, minimizing time and effort.

  • Restful API driven open to have M2M integration.

  • Maximizes network performance.

  • Flexible hierarchy of network to scale and manage.

  • User access limited visibility for customers or special

  • Detailed SLA Reports customizable in PDF & Excel.

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