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Beam Budget Link Budget

Integrasys Beam Budget is the Link Budget calculation tool ideal for Satellite Operators and Service Providers for interacting and exchanging data with Integrasys Carrier Monitoring. 

Why is it the Best?

Beam Budget is the best satellite simulation tool, able to accurately model spacecraft transponders, beams and footprints; as well as ground equipment to assess the global performance of wide area satellite networks on multiple time-scales.


Most accurate Link Budget with reliable network design, automatic & graphical report, easy to use for Sales Representatives, it only requires a one-time fee for unlimited users and the Link Budget process only takes less than 1 minute.


Simplifying & Automating the network design for better sales & customer understanding with graphical reports.


Accurate link budgets for TDMA networks are complex to calculate, therefore Integrasys has develop the right tool to combine coverage analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability of users, networks and satellites.

  • 75 results for only 25 inputs.

  • Save your favourite setups for rapid retrieval.

  • The Web-based tool, accessible anywhere & anytime.

  • Flexibility in the selection of the location.

  • Minimizes time & effort, maximize ROI.

  • Any GXT satellite file supported.

  • Any typical satcom modulation supported.

  • Most accurate link budget calculation.

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