The project intends to provide modelling language extensions, tools and middleware fostering the design, implementation and operation of innovative services and applications for the mobile worker. To achieve this objective, the adaptability requirements of the mobile applications will be analysed, developing an adaptation theory.


In the same way, the project will target the development of a set of adaptation strategies and mechanisms based on dinamically reconfigurable component architectures. Both the modelling language extensions and the tools will allow the application designers to easily specify the adaptation functions and capabilities at design time.


MADAM will provide prototype implementations of the reference middleware platform as well as the modelling tool extensions. Pilot applications will be developed to validate the approach and the prototype implementations.


The partners in this project are SIMULA Research Laboratory, BirdStep Technology ASA, CONDAT Informationssysteme AG, HP European Innovation Center, Integrasys, SINTEF ICT, Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), and the University of Cyprus.