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Integrasys Hosts Open Day for Dyslexia Charity, Madrid con la Dyslexia

Integrasys has hosted dyslexia charity, Madrid con la Dislexia, at its headquarters to provide an insight into working at a high-tech company for children with dyslexia. The guests were welcomed to the open day by Alvaro Sánchez, CEO of Integrasys and Marquess of Antella. 
GPS Failed - Inaccuracy is massive.jpg
GPS Rollover Mitigation by Integrasys
At Integrasys, we have been working over the past years on a nanosecond switching solution to automatically switch the synchronization to an alternative synchronization path in case this primary synchronization clock suffers from any synchronization failure which will generate a dramatic service interruption over 48 hours.
Integrasys 2019 VIP Partner Summit closes this year with multiple awards and updates for our company
As Alvaro Sanchez, Integrasys CEO introduced us on this day, for Integrasys it has been a great year with big changes, and for that reason we wanted to have a special day with our VIP Partners.
Reducing the Complexity of Selling and Buying
Selling and Buying are difficult, especially in these new times with HTS and a very diverse technologies arising. The way of selling and buying a service always come through the Link Budget, which can be daunting and complex yet an absolutely vital part of accessing satellite capacity.
Beam Budget oficial.PNG
Integrasys launches Link Budget Tool
Integrasys has announced the launch of an easy-to-use link budget tool, Beam Budget. Beam Budget drastically reduces the complexity surrounding link budget calculations. It makes it simple for anyone to perform link budget calculations, which are a vital way of accounting for gains and losses on any given satellite link.   ​
sia integrasys retoque.png
Integrasys Joins the Satellite Industry Association
SIA is pleased to announce that Integrasys has joined the Satellite Industry Association’s growing list of affiliate member companies. Integrasys will be part of the SIA in the upcoming months.
Ronny Pramanta, APAC Sales Manager, Pres
Integrasys Appoints New APAC Sales Manager
Integrasys has announced it is to expand its presence in Asia Pacific. The company is establishing an office in Jakarta, Indonesia, which will be headed up by newly appointed APAC Sales Manager, Ronny Pramanta.
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Integrasys has a wonderful 2018
2018 has proven to be an exciting year for Integrasys, with important changes occurring — there’s a new CEO for the firm, and with that change, new business units and positions have been acquired.
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New Integrasys Intro
Integrasys has launched a new corporate video with the key figures in the Company and how is making the growth happen. Alvaro Sanchez, Juan Martinez, Jose Torres, Sebastien Couvet and Pedro Ruiz explain the current success of Integrasys.
The New Era for Satcoms
When the first communication satellite was launched, it was met with pure amazement from people across the globe. The height of innovation, the satellite has enabled to communication services at a much greater scale than ever before.
Integrasys Triples Profits
Integrasys has closed its 2017 year results with three times the profit compared to 2016 brought about by its successful customer wins and strategic partnerships. It also attributed the profit rise to the launch and development of innovative solutions.
Integrasys Optimises Satellite Communications for UAV Operations
Integrasys have collaborated to integrate Satmotion Pocket, the auto-commissioning system from Integrasys, into Acorde’s Block-Up Converters (BUCs) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). 
The Perfect Combination: Satmotion and Smart Antennas
A satellite has its own set of advantages when compared to any other communications solution and, at Integrasys, the company offers a key piece of advanced technology to “simplify satellite”. 
Moving, But Always Connected
Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, talks about the rising demand from a constantly connected people means that comms on the move will be in higher demand than ever before. 
Integrasys Achieves Award-Winning Development with ESA Support 
Integrasys has successfully worked with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an award-winning solution, ALUSAT. The Always Up Satellite Terminals (ALUSAT) solution improves the operation of 2-way satellite networks.
Integrasys has welcomed Sebastien Couvet, new EMEA Sales Manager 
Sebastien Couvet, with over 20 years of experience as an international sales manager in ICT and IT sectors, Couvet has been recruited by Integrasys to help develop the business further across Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa.
Belintersat Selects Controlsat Carrier Monitoring to maximize the QoS ans SLAs
Belintersat selects the Best Carrier Monitoring System on the market, easy to use and monitoring up to 200 carriers per second and the best reporting capabilities
Why Operators need to invest in the resiliency of VSAT
Integrasys Sales Director, Jose Torres shared with Satellite Evolution Asia, the large number of opportunities for delivering effective connectivity for most remote locations and the most resilient way.
Moving Always Connected
Integrasys is an Innovative company in the satellite arena providing the most innovative tools for where satellite has no competition, mobility. Serving our maritime and aero customers worldwide with different needs but always connected
Integrasys Moves its Headquarters
This move was decided upon due to the company's continuing expansion and the need to support new customers and partners. Integrasys has grown 33 percent over the last four years and is strongly focused on its  primary markets.
Integrasys Best Ground Technology Award
Integrasys has been awarded as the Best Ground Technology at Comsys VSAT Global Event in London, Sept 2017. Integrasys has been awarded thanks to the success of Alusat, Always Up calibration and maintenance system.
Understanding and Improving ROI in VSAT Networks
Check out the Panel Discussion at VSAT Global, organized by World Teleport Association about the latest study of Understanding & Improving ROI in VSAT networks, Integrasys is a proud sponsor of this report. 
Challenges Small Satellites and HTS
The satellite industry is experimenting a lift thanks to Small Satellites and HTS however these new technologies and smaller satellites constelletations create a unique set of challenges in our industry. Read more about what is Integrasys doing.
Seamless Network Maintenace and Future Smaller Satellites
VSAT networks has become a critical component in the communications networks and will still be however, broadband satellites are starting to be non Geo, therefore Integrasys in developing new ways of maintaining these new networks.
Easier HTS Deployment
The satellite industry has developed dramatically over recent years, both in terms of capability and its image thanks to HTS. This means that more people can access services via satellite than ever before.
Capex VS Opex, Will Opex overtake Capex in the VSAT Market?
VSAT networks has become a critical component in the communications networks.
The cost has fallen making the initial purchase more affordable but the operation remains the same; this can make the Opex to increased compared to Capex.
Automating the communication deployment in Rural Africa
Rural areas across Africa are lacking connectivity, Satmotion helps connecting these areas with service providers such as Gondwana and iWay and Hughes Jupiter HTS Technology
Overcoming The Challenges Of Satellite News Gathering (SNG)

By Juan Martinez, Technical Area Director, Integrasys


With the rise of Over The Top Content (OTT) delivery and an ever-more competitive landscape, satellite broadcasters are under increasing pressure to deliver the targeted content at the correct time to the right platforms

Further Innovation in Satellite Technology
Rural areas across the globe are lacking connectivity, especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa. 
Now, worldwide governments and commercial entities are trying to connect the unconnected. For example, Silicon Valley players are focusing their efforts to provide affordable Internet to the most remote areas of the world at a lower price point and doing their best to bridge the digital divide.
Easy with Smarter Tools
"At Integrasys, we believe that Preventing is the Key”: if a VSAT is installed accurately, by analysing its transmission, we ensure that for a long period of time this site will be performing optimally. By performing the Peak & Pol in transmission the installer is capable of minimizing the squint error and maximizes the availability
The Role of VSAT in Disaster Recovery
Satellite communications, and in particular VSAT systems, have an important role to play in disaster recovery and emergency response. Naturally, the very nature of a disaster means that it is impossible to know when and where it will occur and very often it is in a location with little or no connection infrastructure. 
New Innovative Maintenance VSAT Network System
Integrasys has released a new automated Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) maintenance tool called Always Up Satellite Terminal (Alusat), which combines traditional equipment management with spectrum monitoring and measurement to accurately derive a remote terminal’s Radio Frequency (RF) status and pinpoint terminals that are not functioning properly.
New Satmotion Pocket Global VSAT Forum Training GVF514
In the new online training course, technicians learn how to correctly install, configure, and use the Integrasys Satmotion Pocket system to align a VSAT antenna.  Simulators enable the student to operate a virtual Satmotion system.
Satellite Industry Facelift
ViaSatellite Tech Corner has published the Satellite Industry Facelift article wrote by Alvaro Sanchez, Integrasys Sales Director about the HTS new opportunities and challenges to solve in this new HTS era.
HTS Networks Taking Off
Integrasys has team up with Comtech EF Data to comission and deploy much quicker, easiear, and accurate the Heights HTS networks allowing the VSAT industry to be more competitive and reduce its complexity.
Milsatcom Interference mitigate with Satmotion Pocket
Integrasys Satmotion Pocket is explaned at Global Military Communications page 20 and 21. Mitigate VSAT interferences on the installation quickly and easy by the soldiers.
Controlsat Carrier Monitoring Detecting Carrier ID for Minimizing Interferences
Integrasys Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System is able to Detect Carrier ID data inside the interferences produced on the Satellite Transmissions. See Page 22.
Integrasys WINNER of the Technology Innovation of the Year Award at VSAT Global Series in London
Integrasys has been awarded with the most innovative technology award in VSAT event in London for Satmotion Pocket Innovation.
iDirect’s Evolution Platform and Satmotion Pocket are Selected by Via Direta to Power Largest Distance-learning Program in Brazil
Using iDirect’s Evolution platform and X1 remotes, Via Direta is able to offer Internet access, long-distance learning programs and virtual tools that provide interactivity between isolated communities. Key to the project was iDirect’s Remote Commissioning Solution, Satmotion Pocket, to support the aggressive installation schedule. Upon completion, the network will consist of 1,300 VSAT stations.
GEOBEAM helps deployment and self-management of wireless networks for mission-critical disaster-relief organisations in the EU-funded project ICARUS
Integrasys as member of the ICARUS consortium and leader of the communications provisioning work-package, Integrasys has extended the capabilities of the GEOBEAM product to support planning, monitoring and optimisation of an integrated multi-radio tactical network designed in the project to fulfil the new demands of high-tech search and rescue teams.
Satmotion Pocket, iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution Helps Axesat Streamline VSAT Installations Across Latin America
The iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution is based on Integrasys’ Satmotion product and allows Axesat to autonomously point and adjust its antennas, streamlining the overall commissioning of its X1, X3 and X5 remotes. This helps support the anticipated growth for Axesat, allowing it to deploy new services quicker, and get customers up-and-running on the network at an accelerated pace.
Antenna Aligment on Maritime Vessels
Satmotion simplifies the commissioning to minimize the satcom knowledge required on vessels and to be able to lineup in seconds saving time and resources on the network deployments, migrations and maintenance.
Integrasys Q&A Satellite Evolution
Satellite Evolution speaks to Integrasys to discuss their Satmotion Pocket technology and other innovations as well as challenges of HTS and plans for the future.
Integrasys Celebrates 25th Anniversary at SATELLITE Show
Integrasys is speaking and exhibiting at the Satellite 2015 show that will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Washington, D.C.) from March 16 to 19, 2015.
Integrasys is Awarded with the Most Innovative Technology Award
Integrasys has been awarded with the Most Innovative Technology Award at SATCON show at Javits Convention Center, New York City.
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