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INTEGRASYS Orbisat is the system of systems that provides space situational awareness by simplyfing & automating the tracking and monitoring in a congested
space with end to end integration.

Why is it the Best?

Space is more contested than ever before, that's why INTEGRASYS has created Orbisat, the newest solution for Space Situational Awareness and Space Surveillance & Tracking, that interconnects with existing proprietary or public subsystems and allows seamless automation for tracking, collision avoidance, telemetry, Telecommand & Control, as well as finding uncharacterized objects in LEO, MEO, GEO, Lunar or deep space.

Orbisat has the base of public data of Celestrack and Spacetrack updated constantly with the addition of antenna integration to measure and monitor S-band links (in orbit) as well as LEOP.

Orbisat is API-driven which allows easy integration with internal radars or telescopes and classified systems as well as onboard GPS.

It's a system that allows to automate the protection of our space assets, track them as well as pull and push data from and to ground and space sensors and actuators for an Artificial Intelligence driven Space operation ground and space seamlessly interconnected.

Orbisat 06.png

Key Benefits

  • Scalability of users, sensors, providers and earth stations.

  • Automation protecting space assets in global manners, centralized or distributed.

  • Find assets of interest in multi-orbit or mission.

  • Characterize Space better with RF sensing in the ground or space.

  • Cloud Based System, multiuser, multisite, multipurpose.

  • Avoid collisions, minimize exposure, and provide LPX tracking.

  • End to end integration with antennas, modems and sensors.

  • Built for LEO, MEO, GEO, Lunar, & Deep Space.

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