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2019, A wonderful year for Integrasys

The past year has proven to be an exciting one forIntegrasys, with important changes occurring — there is a new CEO for the firm, and with that change, new business units and positions have been acquired.

The company bases its success ininnovative products that make satel- lite technology simpler to use — the company launched multiple new technologies during 2019 and developed highly effective new partnerships.

Following our strategy of “Win-Win” with our partners and to never compete with them, Integrasys has accomplished several superlative achievements. In 2019, we obtained partnerships with Spacebridge and UHP with new projects and numerous opportunities afforded the firm with the largest companies in the industry like iDirect, Hughes, Comtech and more leards in the satcom segment.

Alusat was awarded with the most innovative technology at a trade show by the WTA (World Teleport Association); thanks to the product’s massive OPEX savings that predictive maintenance delivers to the satellite networks. Additionally, the industry recognized Integrasys as one of today’s most innovative companies with four awards over the last four years.

This year, we grew our staff by 180% and gained far more traction within the USA through the hiring of new employees. Additionally, significant staff was added in Madrid and then, following closely, the company;s Seville, Spain, unit added a new Customer Success Business Unit. Currently, the company is expanding into Asia.

Last year, company profits grew 300% and this year appears to also experience strong growth in profitability, thanks to the industry trusting the firm’s technologies and the great support across the globe. This year, before the end of Q3, Integrasys will have exceeded the 2018 revenue.

After 30 years of being a very stable business, it is a pleasure to experience how a dynamic company can strengthen their product lines through innovation and then, subsequently, win significant market share by differentiating their technology from competitors.

Satellite operators today need to consider the acqusution of tools that add value to support the increased capacity needs of customers and to provide a better value proposition to their VNOs. Integrasys offerings are ideal for this proposition, allowing service providers and telcos to save significant OPEX.

Integrasys is fully engaged with our customers. The firm’s support team is staffed by the same engineers who develop the product, which helps with instant connectivity resolution, providing support anytime, anywhere

Integrasys has received a 99% Customer Support Satisfaction via customer support surveys.

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