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Integrasys 2019 VIP Partner Summit closes this year with multiple awards and updates for our company

As Alvaro Sanchez, Integrasys CEO introduced us on this day, for Integrasys it has been a great year with big changes, and for that reason we wanted to have a special day with our VIP Partners.

Last week, Integrasys had the pleasure of hosting its best Partners in an event that took place in the Madrid headquarters on Thursday, February 28. In the event, we could enjoy not only the presentations of our products and services and their updates, but also listen to success cases of our best partners thanks to the use of our products.

Regarding the contribution of our VIP Partners, in the event, we heard the contribution of large companies such as Hughes, where Marco Mirante, Hughes Europe Sales Director, explained his product Hughes Jupiter, who was also awarded as "The Best Partner of the Year".

Also, other companies such as iDirect, where Chris Boyd, iDirect Director of Vertical Market Solutions , explained their product iDirect Velocity using Integrasys´product portfolio in order to success in their objectives, also, he shared about how iDirect created more solutions with greater speed and scale opening new opportunities in high-value emerging markets, giving customers early access to tomorrow’s superior products and technology. Also, how iDirect by adopting open standards enables partners to reap continuous innovations from an entire ecosystem.

Jon Stoop, UHP Senior Sales Director, who made a presentation about their products, and received the Fastest Growing Partner of the Year award. In addition to that, our partners explained thanks to the implementation of our products, some success cases. First, we had the opportunity to listen to an HDT remote presentation from Hungary, where Antonio Felizardo, HDT CEO, explained the implementation of two of our products, Satmotion and Alusat. Besides, HDT company obtained Satellite Service Provider of the Year award. Finally, with Alexandre Armonik, Belintersat Head of Ground SC, explained the success of the implementation of our Controlsat product, receiving also the Satellite Operator of the Year award.

Beginning with the company performances, EMEA Sales Manager, Sebastien Couvet, illustrate to the attendees the latest launch of the company, the Beam Budget, accompanied by a product introduction video. Also, it was possible to enjoy the presence of the Global Sales Director, Jose Torres, who presented the success stories of the best Auto-commissioning for maritime and flat antennas.

As well, Juan Manuel Martínez, Technical Director, spoke about the product support and the new partnerships that are being worked every day in the company. From Seville, Pedro Ruiz, Customer Success Director and Jose Sanchez, R & D Manager, explained to the audience what the future will bring, Integrasys will cover their customer’s needs.

To finalize the day, we enjoyed one of the most important entertainment centres in Madrid, the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid's stadium. There, everyone enjoyed the Real Madrid team tour, where the most exclusive places in the stadium were visited. Also, a cocktail was served at the stadium, where the Awards Ceremony and a flamenco show took place. To continue the night, a party took place in one of the most exclusive terraces of the Spanish capital.

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