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INTEGRASYS develops MOBISAT and successfully completes ESA’s ARTES programme project

INTEGRASYS has successfully completed the MOBISAT project, carried out under the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Core Competitiveness programme with the support of the Centre for the Development of Technology and Innovation (CDTI) in Spain. MOBISAT represents the first Ground Segment software to enable the first fully automated commissioning of SATCOM On-the-Move/SATCOM On-the-Pause (SOTM/SOTP) mechanically steerable antennas.

MOBISAT is grounded in interoperable Satmotion technology, which is already integrated into Satcom manufacturers’ systems encompassing around 80% of the market. The new tool will perform in mobility scenarios where the Satcom antennas need to continuously track satellites. As a result of the increasing investments in providing pervasive high-speed data communications services via GEO/NGSO satellite systems, effective technologies to control the antennas are essential in order to take advantage of the New Space developments. MOBISAT is zero-touch commissioning that guides the antenna and fixes to optimise the link, RX gain, TX gain and interference nulling, as well as the right power settings without the need for any human interaction. It has been designed so that any kind of antenna can be easily integrated. So gone are the trips to install or maintain as zero-touch installation and maintenance is now a reality. Moreover, it can be applied across multiple domains: maritime (cruises, freight, fishing), rail, humanitarian missions, agriculture, first responders, health and education, oil & gas etc...

The MOBISAT solution, integrated and commissioned in Intellian Antennas, has been successfully tested at Santander Teleport, without human interaction, thus opening the door to full commissioning and maintenance automation. The testing was carried out using parabolic antennas used in the maritime sector, which is one of the main target markets for the solution, and a real user case. MOBISAT has successfully achieved the best possible radiofrequency (RF) performance to meet the requirements of the Network Operations Center (NOC), reducing interference and efficiently managing power.

Javier de Pablos, Technical Officer for ESA on the MOBISAT project, said ‘’We are proud to have supported Integrasys in the development of the MOBISAT technology. The future potential and scalability of the technology is promising and we look forward to seeing the impact this will have on the Satcom market going forward.”

INTEGRASYS as a leading company within the Ground Segment Technologies sector, and a pioneer in automation in the Satcom industry, has proven once again that innovative tools can take less resources. The company is proud of its critical capacity and deep understanding of its customers’ needs. ‘’We greatly appreciate ESA’s support as a European company that innovates in Europe for Europe, especially now with the EU commitment to Satcom. MOBISAT will be an enabler of emerging multi-orbital constellations, greatly improving the user experience for link activation and maintenance’’ said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, of INTEGRASYS.

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