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INTEGRASYS has been awarded at the MSUA Satellite Innovation Awards 3 years in a row at SATELLITE 2024 event in Washington DC

INTEGRASYS is proud to announce that the company has received a new recognition during exclusive award ceremonies at the SATELLITE 2024 show in Washington (US). This is the third year in a row that INTEGRASYS has received an award in recognition of its innovative technologies.

The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA), a global not-for-profit organization focused on amplifying the voice of satellite mobile solutions users and innovators, has awarded INTEGRASYS solution FlexCap as the best Software Defined Network Innovation of the year.

FlexCap represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of satellite technology, specifically designed to cater to the intricate needs of Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS), High Throughput Satellites (HTS), and satellites across diverse orbits, including GEO, MEO, and LEO. This sophisticated solution is developed for Satellite Operators, Service Providers, and Government Agencies, offering a comprehensive approach to satellite capacity management.

2024 Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards


FlexCap Interface

The award was received by the company's CEO, Alvaro Sanchez on behalf of the team formed by all the company's employees, recognizing their great effort and merit in obtaining them. This recognition is added to the seven awards obtained by INTEGRASYS in previous years, demonstrating that the company is aligned with the current needs of the market, making sure to provide products that solve real problems of the customers. As their slogan says, building success from innovation.

Note: FlexCap can be demoed at Satellite Show INTEGRASYS booth 1303.

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