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INTEGRASYS opens more new facilities in the USA

INTEGRASYS Group continues with its worldwide expansion with a particular focus on the United States, as the main target market for the software company. After its first facility in Washington back in 2016, the company decides to extend its business in the country with two more facilities in Tampa (Florida), and Atlanta (Georgia).

Tampa Office Atlanta Office

The main aim of INTEGRASYS is to increase the reach of its potential customers, as well as strengthen the relationship with its partners. The company believes in having distributed footprints where customers are helped in strengthening relationships, to ensure that the customer can transmit their needs comfortably. The new offices are sales and support facilities, highly focused on customer requirements, and creating new solutions for our customer's needs within the US market. The two offices are in the main business areas within the cities, as are the rest of INTEGRASYS offices. The new Florida facility will be a strategic point for supporting MoDs, and Intelligence Agencies, and the Georgia office will be focused on the private sector, such as Satellite Operators, and Service Providers, as well as managing the LATAM Market, from the southeast coast.

INTEGRASYS is committed to serving the markets locally, and America has great potential for innovative solutions in these less certain times of political tensions and wars.

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