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INTEGRASYS Opens New Office in Luxembourg

INTEGRASYS founded INTEGRASYS SARL and opens the new Luxembourg facility in Kirchberg, Luxembourg financial district. INTEGRASYS SARL is responsible for commercializing INTEGRASYS technologies in the heart of Europe and innovating in R&D.

The software company has ambitious expansion plans, to achieve a major presence globally. This next step has been Luxembourg, as INTEGRASYS sees great potential in this country, and the location is a strategic point to start the European expansion. The office is at 2 Rue Edward Steichen. The company already has customers in the Luxembourg area and surroundings; therefore, this new opening brings great opportunities, to strengthen these partnerships. The next step for the company is to start serving its customers’ demands, understanding in depth the market, and providing adaptable solutions to potential customers as products as a service, and custom projects.

INTEGRASYS new office Luxembourg

‘’This year Luxembourg office is our bringing a lot of attention as we see how Luxembourg Space Agency ESA can enable us to bring products faster and serve our customers better, we are looking forward to positioning ourselves as a great partner for R&D projects, as well as for customers, and we think there is no better way of doing it than having presence in this country, which in space is the centre in Europe’’, says Alvaro Sanchez CEO at INTEGRASYS.

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