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Challenges Small Satellites and HTS

The satellite industry is experimenting a lift thanks to Small Satellites and HTS however these new technologies and smaller satellites constelletations create a unique set of challenges in our industry. Read more about what is Integrasys doing.
Today, high thoughput satellite provide much more capacity than traditional satellite technoligy. This is achieved by high level frecuency reuse and spot beam technology wihit enables frecuency reuse across multiple narrowly focised spot beams (usually in the order of hundreds of kilometres). By contrast, traditional satellite technology uses a broad single beam (usually in the order of thousands of kilometres) to cover wide regions or even entire continents. In the ground station field, HTS brings many advantages, but also brings important complexity in ground station monitoring. Therefore, we have been working on a solution for HTS.

Currently these new higher throughput satellite are starting to be lighter, cheaper and easier to launch; creating a huge opportunity for our industry with disruptive business models and new verticals. A fundamental difference to existing satellites is the fact that HTS are linked to ground infraestructure throuhg a feeder link, using a regional spot beam dictating the location of possible teleports or multiple gateways. By contrast, teleports for traditional satellites can be set up in a wider area as their spot beam footprints cover entire continents and remote regions. As geostationary frequencies are getting full, these new smaller satellites tend to be launched in low and middle orbit, LEO and MEO.

"These new technolies bring a huge complexity designing gateways and monitoring systems for each beam, entailing setting up new teleports in remote areas" Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys.

These new technologies bring huge complesity to designing gategays and monitoring systems for each beam, entailing setteing up new teleports in remote areas or, even worse, declining to monitor these new satellites.

Therefore, Integrasys has upgraded its Controlsat Carrier Monitoring System (CMS), a high throughput satellite and small satellite cost - effective solution.

For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/2WWvnxn

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