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RANMONITOR, Security Events Monitoring

INTEGRASYS' RANMONITOR solution serves as the frontline defense for secure mobile communications, specializing in the detection and prevention of fraudulent cell towers that pose threats to government and military operations.

Why is it the Best?

RANMONITOR by INTEGRASYS, is a groundbreaking tool designed to fortify government and military forces against the escalating threat of fraudulent cell towers within ubiquitous civil GSM networks.


RANMONITOR has demonstrated its real-time threat identification capabilities, promptly detecting and differentiating fraudulent cells from legitimate ones, thereby ensuring the security of communications in critical scenarios. Noteworthy is RANMONITOR's versatility, offering comprehensive protection across 2G, 3G, 4G, and future 5G networks in both fixed and mobile scenarios.


Moreover, its customizable interface allows for tailored solutions, aligning seamlessly with diverse government processes and operations. With a focus on ease of use, RANMONITOR provides intuitive interfaces, empowering government and military personnel with a sophisticated yet accessible tool. By addressing the pressing security concerns associated with fraudulent cell towers, RANMONITOR stands as an indispensable asset in safeguarding government networks and mitigating the risks of hacking on soldier smartphones.

Key Benefits

  • Predicts threats.

  • Alerts of hacking cell towers.

  • Force devices to automatically connect to safe cell towers.

  • Mitigates threats and geolocates enemy infrastructures.

  • Ensures a resilient network infrastructure.

  • RANMONITOR records and analyzes all signalling, calls, and messages, providing a detailed dataset for further investigation and response.

  • RANMONITOR's adaptable interface allows for the customization of security parameters, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the diverse processes and operations of government and military entities.

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