The SAILOR project contributes to the IST programme with the aim of identifying, designing and demonstrating new services, verified by a proper market analysis, making use of innovative functionalities upon an integrated Terrestrial and Satellite UMTS network. This basic work will be developed in cooperation with the major leading European Standardization groups.


In particular, SAILOR is expected to provide inputs and contributions to the Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems S-UMTS task force. It also targets at contributing to the activities of the relevant UMTS ETSI and 3GPP standardization groups, which are involved in the development of new market scenarios for the 3G satellites systems and in the adoption of innovative mobile network tools.


The project will implement a demonstrator, aiming at a complete integration between T-UMTS & S-UMTS. The demonstrator will add new functionalities that will exploit more efficiently the utilization of the satellite segment, provide a meaningful environment to implement more advanced multimedia services(broadcast, multicast) and allow a more advanced implementation of the UMTS Core Network.


The partners in this project are Telespazio, Integrasys, Siemens Austria, Ericsson Hellas, Space Engineering, Ascom, European Bussiness Associates, Eutelis, University of L'Aquila, University of Rome and the Aachen University.