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Satmotion Pocket VSAT Auto-Commissioning


Integrasys Satmotion Pocket is the Standard VSAT Auto-Commissioning System for minimizing the deployment time, effort and interference intra-satellite such as CrossPol and inter-satellite such as Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI).

Why is it the Best?

VSAT commissioning is a must for Small, Medium & Large Networks, Integrasys provides the best tool for minimizing the time to market to their customers, maximizes their network performances & minimizes OPEX.
Satmotion Pocket is able to simplify the commissioning process as much as possible ensuring the quality and the Satmotion Pocket interference free on each installation by measuring Copol, Xpol and ASI, and feeding back to the installer with an extremely easy interface that they can understand without being experts on VSAT installations.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate ROI (Return on Investment).

  • Significant Installation Time & Cost Reduction.

  • Gone are the calls and coordination between NOC/Hub operators and field installers.

  • Simple Interface, extremely simple to use.

  • Minimizes Interferences between Polarizations.

  • Minimizes Interference with Adjacent Satellites.

  • Trained by GVF. 

  • GVF514 Anywhere, Anytime.

Video Description

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