SATMOTION API Zero-Touch Commissioning System 

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SATMOTION API is the most accurate One Touch Commissioning System  
for SatCom On the Move Antennas. No calls, No Apps, No Human Interaction: just press one button

Why is it the Best?

SATMOTION API is the most efficient automated commissioning tool integrated with SatCom On the Move Antennas. 
This system optimizes the line-up while maximizing the availability of communication.  
The reports are sent to the NOC, and it is totally automated, without human interaction. 


Key Benefits

  • Automated Commissioning - The most efficient tool integrated with Satcom on the move antennas

  • NO Touch Commissioning - Full automation

  • Optimize Line-up - Maximizing availability, Crosspol isolation & ASI.

  • Available for anybody - Hundreds of NOCs worldwide support this auto-commissioning method.

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