The project SODETEL consists in the adoption of component-based software development techniques, its deployment into a current baseline project for the development of several application critical components and the validation of the new component-based methodologies, metrics and tools used in this approach.

Since the baseline application domain is telecommunication service monitoring for satellite links, CORBA objects will be implemented as an expression of software components to improve inter-process communication mechanisms in a distributed environment.

This implementation will replace traditional Remote Procedure Calls (RPC,s) used in the past, in the search for a more reliable, open and standardized software products.

With the success of this Best Practice action, the integration of the resulting baseline product into globalise telecommunication network management systems (TMN) will be feasible in the near future.



  • Improve the software development process used for telecommunication applications through the use of Component-Based paradigm and Quality Assurance methodologies;

  • Analyse the applicability that new methodologies and technologies have in telecommunication applications development and their impact in business objectives (cost, time and quality) of SME engineering organizations;

  • Evaluation of Component-Based Analysis & Design methodologies and Quality Assurance techniques on the development of telecommunication applications;

  • Contribute and disseminate the project results to programme participants.