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Space R&D

Since 2004, Integrasys has conducted R&D projects within the ESA ARTES programme, related to ground-segment applications


The practical experience and knowledge acquired in ESA projects have been a very valuable source of ideas and directions to address new product features and benefits, and significantly helped us in guiding different aspects of the technical and commercial shapes of the resulting products.


Which aimed at optimizing the operation of 2 way satellite networks enabling maintenance procedures oriented to minimize operational costs from service failures and maximize network availability.



Uniform Management and Control of DVB-RCS Terminals,
which addressed the development of a new generation of low-cost VSAT installation tools using the SatLabs recommended DVB-RCS MIB and enabling vendor independent terminal configuration and antenna alignment of DVB-RCS terminals compliant to SatLabs.

Which aimed to provide a much more cost effective and accurate Calibration Systems for Ka HTS Gateways. As Number of gateways increase in Ka, low cost calibration is essential for Satellite networks to succeed.


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