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Alusat VSAT Network Maintenance System

INTEGRASYS Alusat is the unique Automated Network Maintenance System for minimizing the maintenance time, effort and interference intra-satellite or any service degradation; in certain conditions, it can even recover out-of-service or service-degraded terminals.

Why is it the Best?

Alusat is an evolution of Integrasys’ industry-leading Satmotion Pocket technology which allows accurate installation during remote commissioning. Alusat allows the consistent monitoring of a VSAT site after installation to ensure optimisation of operation and the minimisation of costs caused by service failures and site re-visits. It allows a virtual visit to every site on the network.
Measured values of analysing the Rx and Tx. The operator is able to determine the different thresholds for Rx and Tx and the actions to be taken automatically by the system in different circumstances to rectify problems. Alusat checks all of the terminals in the targeted VSAT community, copol power, cross-pol isolation, adjacent satellite interference and 1dB compression point to detect failures and raise any necessary alarms.

Key Benefits

  • Virtually visits all VSAT sites on the network.

  • Significant OPEX reduction, reduces site visits.

  • Simplifies entire maintenance process and reduces need to deploy personnel to individual sites.

  • Minimises maintenance time, effort and intra-satellite interference.

  • Enables network operators to focus attention on sites that experience continuous service degradation in order to dismiss spurious outages.

  • Rapid Return on Investment.

  • Maximises network performance.

  • Works in any frequency band.

  • Easy to operate with a simple interface.

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