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Building success from innovation

About Us

Integrasys is a privately owned company specialized in engineering and manufacturing Satellite Spectrum Monitoring Systems in the telecommunication and broadcasting markets.


Integrasys was founded in 1990 by a group of Hewlett-Packard engineers experts on Automated RF & Microwaves Test Systems and Software and the marquess of Antella. Since then Integrasys has evolved towards today's company, offering a wide range of signal monitoring products and VSAT Deployment and Maintenance and Link Budget solutions for different telecom and satellite services with the best customer care that our customers deserve.


At Integrasys our mission is to provide the industry the best quality and fastest technology available in carrier monitoring systems, with the customer service and care that our customer's deserve.


We want to add value to our customers in quality of service, technology, speed and cost efficiency, by innovating; therefore satellite industry recognizes Integrasys as the Leader for innovation in Satellite Signal Carrier Monitoring Systems.

Why Integrasys?

+30 years of experience.

Combines Satellite RF and IT engineering expertise with the new AI, Data Science, and Learning Machine innovations for providing success through constant innovation.

Best Partners and largest companies in the satcom industry.

Global Presence from Alaska to New Zealand.

Excellent post-sale support and warranty programs guaranteed. 

Smarter, easy to use and cost-effective tools for smarter satellite operators and service providers.

Ensure purchasing the right provider that You can count on!

WTA Executive Dialogue Series - CABSAT 2023

Meeting the Challenge of Multi-Layered Connectivity.

Awards 2023

VeryFiling, awarded by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) with the recognition as the best "New Space Mobile Innovation”.

Webinar Recordings

The major Satellite industry turnaround is jet to come. LEO constellations are in the spotlight, and in 2020 we have seen that these ambitious projects are being feasible, and will drive satellite communications to the next level, being much more effective than ever, and transforming the current paradigm.

Developing new relationships and turning them into opportunities without in-person engagement – that proved a major challenge. The teleport and satellite sectors rose to that challenge in many different ways. In this report, WTA explores the innovations introduced by forward-thinking companies to turn the hurdles of virtual selling into competitive advantage

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