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Building success from innovation

Elevating Commercial and Defense Networks with Precision Automation and Advanced Solutions for Secure Connectivity

Some of the companies that are automating their networks

Discover how we reshape the future of secure and efficient technologies

Defense Technologies

Developing secure and reliable communication technologies. Focused on enhancing defense capabilities with a comprehensive approach that includes electronic warfare technologies.

Network Automation

Providing tools to enhance end-to-end efficiency and reliability in satellite and communication networks. Our network automation tools feature intuitive interfaces, empowering users to navigate and optimize their networks with ease.

R&D Projects

Part of collaborative research and development projects.

Collaborating with partners and institutions to advance technology across the spectrum of satellite and defense sectors.

Custom and tailor-made solutions for specific customer needs.

Some Key Highlights

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Years of Experience

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Offices around the globe

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Available solutions

About Us

INTEGRASYS, a frontrunner in software development and engineering, is your go-to partner for the intricate world of satellite networks. With a knack for innovation, the company specializes in crafting advanced tools for interference management, cybersecurity, space operations, and R&D projects. Renowned in both commercial and defense sectors, INTEGRASYS delivers a diverse suite of solutions, including signal monitoring, VSAT deployment, and link budget expertise. Tailored for global telcos, satellite service providers, operators, and governments, INTEGRASYS pioneers groundbreaking technologies, shaping the future of networks.

Unveiling Our Award-Winning Achievements

Find out what our clients say about us

Selecting the correct satellite network allows us to deliver the best connectivity to our customers. Previously, calculating the link budget has been a time-consuming process that has only been performed by designated specialist professionals. Beam Budget provides our sales team with quick and easy access to highly accurate results, even when on-site. This allows us to deliver an efficient and comprehensive service to our customers.

Richard Hadsall, VP of Global Network Operations, KYMETA

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