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INTEGRASYS collaborates with AWS to offer a cloud-based ecosystem through AWS Marketplace

INTEGRASYS, the innovative software company specialised in smart solutions for the ground segment within the satellite industry, announces a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). This new collaboration is focused on bringing a cloud ecosystem to INTEGRASYS’ customers, along with the use of its product portfolio in a SaaS subscription model, adding automation to the delivery for the customer.

INTEGRASYS and AWS are collaborating to offer value to customers, while also improving their experience. Both companies are conscious of innovation as a key enabler to meeting customer demands; therefore this collaboration seeks to introduce the cloud into the satellite industry, by offering INTEGRASYS solutions on AWS Marketplace. Furthermore, the business model is a flexible SaaS setup, giving the customer choice on whether they want to pay per user, annually, or monthly without any commitment. INTEGRASYS solutions can be purchased and used as OPEX within a full cloud or hybrid environment as well as within customers’ own cloud instances, bringing a high degree of flexibility.

Beam Budget SaaS option in AWS

Currently, INTEGRASYS has set up the first Link Budget tool in AWS Marketplace, Beam Budget, for an efficient satellite network design, supporting GEO, LEO, and MEO. The support of AWS enables an automated process when generating new instances and consolidates the multi-tenant software solution. Moreover, this new eco-system allows adaptation of the tool to fit customer needs. In the case of Beam Budget, the solution becomes scalable by offering a subscription model with very aggressive pricing with two main types of users, one focused on GEO and a premium user for multi-orbit (GEO, LEO & MEO constellations included). The cloud ecosystem brings more accessibility and scalability to users, anytime they need the service for as long as they need it. This enables them to minimize investment and maximize ROI, enabling them to grow faster and more effectively, as well as a providing a cost-effective solution aligned with their needs. This is possible thanks to the SaaS business model utilized.

‘‘We are looking forward to strengthening the collaboration with AWS to bring our customers state-of-the-art software solutions in a timelymanner. Having our products on AWS Marketplace strengths our position in the market, as well as bringing flexibility to develop seamlessly native cloud architectures with intuitive usability, and a rapid setup, without hardware or logistics. This has been a pain point for our customers. Our collaboration with AWS is enabling us to be pioneers in space ground technologies and many will follow this innovative direction. We are just glad to be the first and ready for enabling new applications and needs in the cloud’’.

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