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INTEGRASYS is twice awarded technology of the year in the SATELLITE 2023 event in Washington (USA)

INTEGRASYS is proud to announce that the company and its new products have received two different prizes (MSUA and WTA) during exclusive award ceremonies at the SATELLITE 2023 show in Washington (USA) last week.

The first one was for our new software, Veryfiling, which helps with the filing and EPFD (Equivalent Power Flux Density Limit) compliance evaluation under the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards. This product was awarded by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) with the recognition as the best "New Space Mobile Innovation” as it is designed for new constellations, and its disruptive technology streamlines and ensures a smooth and fast licensing process. This software is based on our already recognized Beam Budget product, which helps with Link Budget Calculations.

The second award went to our CleanRF product, which was recognized with the "Teleport Technology of the Year" award by the World Teleport Association (WTA), for being the best interference canceller available on the 5G Satellite market. CleanRF is fully effective in real-time against jamming, accidental interference, and satellite/terrestrial interference, protecting the RF signal from any possible attack, and obtaining spectrum superiority.

Award New Space Mobile Innovation for Award Teleport Technology of the year, for

Veryfiling by MSUA CleanRF by WTA

These two awards were received by the company's CEO, Alvaro Sanchez on behalf of the team formed by all the company's employees, recognizing their great effort and merit in obtaining them. Both awards, added to the five obtained by INTEGRASYS in previous years, demonstrate that the company is aligned with the current needs of the market, making sure to provide products that solve real problems of the customers.

As their slogan says, building success from innovation.

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