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Integrasys Evolving at the Speed of Light

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Since March 2020, the world we have known has totally changed. A year ago, the Satellite Industry was waiting impatiently for the greatest event of the year, Satellite 2020. We did not know until the last day of this event, that it will be a hard stop for meeting customers and friends in person.

We have always been regular to trade shows, and customer visits. We have changed the way we do business. Now we organize meetings through online platforms such as Zoom or Teams, and sometimes we just call our closest customers and have a beer or a wine, we call this the ‘’Online Happy Hour’’, we use this type of concept to have a chat, and to maintain the closest relationship. We really emphasize this type of meetings, we think that customer satisfaction is not just business, is also to find a friend in someone you work with.

We have been focusing all our efforts on changing logistics so that our products become ‘’COVID Friendly’’. Being a Software company during COVID-19 times is exciting for creating solutions for the new set of problems, we have tested more than ever to our Development Team, our goal in the latest months has been to offer Cloud-Based Systems so that we can avoid hardware, logistics, shipping, and traveling. The way we are working now is easier for our customers, who only need a computer and an Internet connection to use our products, as they are fully virtualized. The advantage for us is that due to the situation we are improving speedily our product portfolio, which is something that the situation requires. For instance, in terms of improvements, our link budget calculation tool is now totally prepared for the current situation, very complete, and with all the goodness of a sophisticated technology solution for governments and integrators. The interface is now more intuitive than ever, we have incorporated more functionalities so that our customers can make the most out of it; even Soldiers or Sales Representatives can understand it.

Beam Budget, link budget tool by Integtrasys

Additionally, we have focused our efforts on improving the installation services, giving active online support. When our customers first start using our tools, we send them an online training, in order to proceed with the installation and to get to know better the product. We used to go in person to meet our customers for the installation, but now we developed extensive online training and support platforms. We also have personal sessions with them in case they need anything from our side, we are constantly aware of their needs or requirements. The procedure is simple, they only need to schedule a call with the team, always ON, and we provide them with smart solutions based on their suggestions, and concerns.

Internally, we are offering the possibility to work from home, but we are keeping a team of people for critical matters at our facilities or our customer facilities, always in a safe environment. We are divided into different spaces, separated by the recommended safety distance one from each other, and with dividers between desks. In our installations, there are several hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, and as mentioned, we have total flexibility to work from home as well.

Our main challenge is to keep our business model intact, but evolve for the new times that require innovation, which has always been our main advantage. Going out of our comfort zone, for us is not a problem or an impediment, we are ready to keep evolving, as Software as a service which is how we have adapted in these pandemic times.

Vectosat Developed By Integrasys

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