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Beam Budget Link Budget Tool SaaS Model is now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

INTEGRASYS is proud to announce its addition to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, prioritizing its approach of offering flexible solutions by adopting a SaaS business model for all the product line.

Beam Budget’s Link Budget Calculation Tool is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with 4 different paid per user plans available that allow for either annual or monthly payments. INTEGRASYS has differentiated its plans by offering only GEO or Multi-orbit in order to give the customer the ability to adapt the tool to address their business and main duties. The Beam Budget offer and all of its plans are available in the Azure Marketplace for automated purchase.

Since the Pandemic, INTEGRASYS has evolved its business model to satisfy the needs of its current customers as well as potential customers. Moving forward the company will introduce all its solutions in Microsoft Azure in order to efficiently deliver additional value to its customers, technically, as well as commercially.

‘’From INTEGRASYS we see a great value in partnering with Microsoft Azure not only from the technical side but also from the commercial side. Moreover, our solutions are known for their simplicity, and having cloud options drive us a step further to achieve instant delivery. Inclusion in the Azure Marketplace delivers a unique advantage to our customers that are Microsoft Azure users, as they can purchase Link Budget seamlessly through the platform,” says Alvaro Sanchez, CEO at INTEGRASYS.

“Accurate link budgets for satellite networks can be complex to calculate, Integrasys has developed a tool that is now available on Azure Marketplace that enables our customers to accurately and quickly access this business-critical analysis,” says Steve Kitay, Senior Director, Azure Space at Microsoft.

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