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Integrasys Releases New Video

Integrasys has launched a new corporate video detailing the company's key figures in the company and how growth is being enhanced. Alvaro Sanchez, Juan Martinez, Jose Torres, Sebastien Couvet and Pedro Ruiz explain the current success which Integrasys is experiemnting with.

"Integrasys is the Carrier Monitoring Systems and VSAT Commissioning Tools Leader. Everything started in 1990 as a family owned company of the Marquis of Antella. Nowadays, a new generation has taken over with a great success and a promise to grow," said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO. "(In the) last 3 years, we have grown revenue by 35%. Last year, we have grown our staff in 180% and we have grown our profit in 300%. Additionally to that, the industry recognizes us as one of the most innovative companies today with 4 innovation awards in the last 4 years."

"We are fully compromised with our customers. Our support team is provided by the same engineers who developed the product which helps on an instant resolution, providing support anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we have got a 99% of customer support satisfaction," said Juan Martinez, Technical Director.
"We are a global company with partners from New Zeland to Alaska and new offices in new continents. Our customers inspire us to give an extra value to innovation. We, day by day, are providing new solutions around the world, thanks to the VSAT manufacturers who integrate our solutions. We like to win together," said Jose Torres, Sales Director.
"Our goal is to facilitate the work of our customers. Integrasys would not be what it is now without our partners and we are proud of being working with most of the leading satellite operators and service providers of the industry. For us, a total commitment to quality and service is a must," said Sebastien Couvet, EMEA Sales Manager.
"For over 25 years, our engineering team in Seville has been developing ad-hoc projects for solving any customer needs. We are committed to answer our client challenges for making their dreams happen. We strongly believe that the innovation and the understanding of customer and market needs are the key parts of the success," said Pedro Ruiz, Customer Success Director.

For further information, please see our new video



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