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Satmotion Pocket, the best VSAT Auto-Commissioning tool, developed by Integrasys has been updated and it is now available for the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone Mini.

After days of simulations and tests we can firmly confirm that Satmotion Pocket newest release works on the new Apple product range. Integrasys priority is to innovate making available its innovative technologies always ahead of the curve, taking advantages of the partners innovations and market trends. The hard work carried out by developers during the last weeks made it possible.

Satmotion Pocket is an essential tool for an easy, quick, and accurate VSAT deployment. Simplifying the commissioning process and making possible the installation by non-skilled operators in VSAT installations. Also, the field installers do not need to coordinate or communicate with the NOC to finish the installation, which drives a significant time reduction, speed up time to market and save cost.

Integrasys philosophy, Building Success from Innovation, which sometimes is, taking advantage of new technologies before the market has adopted and be ready as soon as our customers demand it. For us customer satisfaction is the most important thing when we are doing business, also getting ahead in the new challenges of the industry, renewing our capabilities and improving the product portfolio, always to meet the needs of our customers, who are always right.

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