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How to evaluate technologies for auto commissioning a satellite network for government operations?

Satellite technologies for governments have marked a before and after within the defense and government sector. Resilient tools to speed up the setup and subsequently monitor the network which is mandatory to accomplish government and military missions, such as special operations, natural disasters, or military operations.

When the situation requires a complex network design and a post-management of the current setup, it is essential to look for solutions that automate the deployment process, so that it can be done accurately without requiring all the team to gather their efforts on it or counting on VSAT experts. The commissioning process is complex and time-consuming, the first thing you need to know is where would the deployment take place? If you need to deploy land, maritime, or aero, in the military environment solutions must be robust and flexible, for enabling on the fly modifications and change of plans.

Integrasys at a government deployment years ago

The best option is to use an auto commissioning VSAT tool, the best alternative is some technology that is supported by any type of device, Smartphone, or Tablet, or PC and by any type of system, Android, or Apple, or Windows as they are the most common. The role of technology here will be key for the troops as it would easily accelerate the process without the need for any additional device. Another automated function is the compression point, it is critical to know at what point the BUC gain will decrease for resilient comms, Satmotion Pocket by Integrasys is the only patented technology that calculates instantly the P1db, which is the most important metric, not only to obtain the highest quality and avoid distortion and a possible network drop but also to comply with the SLAs. One of the most tedious processes is the calls between the field installer and the NOC which requires coordination between them to make the installation succeed. Sometimes conditions are not suitable to invest time in having a call with the NOC, and installations take more time because of incompatibilities with signals. The auto commissioning tool you choose must contemplate the option of being independent of external matters so that you have total control of the process. When ending the installation process, it is very important to verify that everything is working correctly, it would be suitable to have approval from your device, to save time in double checks.

Look for an auto commissioning tool that integrates the functionalities that are a must for an easy, fast, and more accurate installation, try to select one resilient technology that allows the automation of complex procedures.

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