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Virtual Teleport

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The main objective of the proposed activity is to develop a product addressing the Virtual Teleport concept (henceforth VirSat).

The new product will consist of a cloud-based global system architecture implementing virtualization technologies for satellite teleport operations and services.

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Project Description

VIRSAT aims to specify an architecture to virtualize the functions for teleport automation, and to instantiate such architecture to the following specific services highly required in Network Operation Center (NOC) for automating and addressing the new challenges of the emerging technologies:


  • Planning and allocate range of frequencies and capacity within the Spectrum.

  • Monitor the Carrier signals and interference detection.

  • Monitoring, Control, and maintenance of the VSATs (Very Small Antennas Terminals)


VIRSAT, solution implemented entirely in software, being a key player the Operators of Commercial Ground Station

Services, which provides of the required cloud infrastructures and the signal converted from RF to digital using the DIFI standard.


The target final product will be a system providing cloud and support technologies for satellite teleport operations and services, including:


  • Network Operations Center Automation (NOCA), the mechanisms to automate the functions of the teleports.

  • Service Orchestration: It will be the technological basement of the NOCA to compose complex automate functions and services from single ones.

  • Ground Segment as a Service (henceforth GSaaS): to provide specific functions as a service in any distributed location, includes the following use cases:

  • Carrier/Payload Monitoring operations.

  • Link Budget planning services.

  • Control and automatic maintenance of the VSATs & Devices.

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